4 Year Old Kinder

4 Year Old Kinder Program

How we achieve the best from our children

Seabrook Kindergarten works within the curriculum outlined in the National Early Years Learning and Development Framework including working towards the 5 learning outcomes within; children have a strong sense of identity, children are connected with and contribute to their world, children have a strong sense of well being, children are confident and involved learners, and children are effective communicators.

The professional and committed staff, plan the program collaboratively with the children, based on their emerging interests. Children are given ownership and responsibility of their learning and once these ideas and interests are communicated staff, respond by providing the resources for learning and opportunities for exploration and investigation. Learning outcomes are communicated through daily observations, as well as small & large group ‘meetings’ and also individual conversations for the quieter child. Activities and experiences are planned for individuals and small & larger groups.

We use a Program Reflection Book to document and evaluate the learning, activities, experiences and interests of the children throughout the year which is updated regularly and provides a visual record of the group’s progress. This Reflection Book is available for viewing at each and every session. Our daily routine, permanent learning areas and goals for the year are also available for viewing and are located on the Notice Board.

Staff keep individual records and developmental profiles of all children through the use of Individual Portfolio’s which are available for viewing each session and which are supplemented with samples of work, photographs and family contributions. We recognise that all children are unique individuals and the rate at which they develop differs. Our aim for each child’s Individual Portfolio at Seabrook Kinder is to include Individual Observations and a Small or Large Group Observation on a regular basis.

General communication takes place through our notice boards & regular newsletters and staff members are available each day to discuss individual children’s progress informally. Please share any information with your child’s teacher that you feel may affect your child’s behaviour while they are at kindergarten e.g. a family member in hospital, moving house. Also if you have any concerns about your child while they are at kindergarten it is important that you bring this to the teacher’s attention as soon as possible. Formal discussions can be arranged on request at any stage throughout the year. For those children attending School in the year following kinder, Transition Learning and Development Statements are compiled with the assistance of families. These will be completed in November and passed on to the respective Primary Schools to assist with a smooth transition to school.


Seahorse Group:  Monday & Thursdays: 8.30am-4.00pm (term time)

Dolphins Group: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 9am-2pm (term time)

Starfish Group: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 8.30am-1.30pm (term time)


The fees are free for 2021

  • Maximum of 29 children per class
  • Fees and levies may alter from year to year


Hobsons Bay City Council is responsible for the enrolment policy and procedures within the Hobsons Bay Area. You can submit an application form from the day the child being enrolled turns two.  Once the completed application is received by the Council your child’s name will be placed on a register in order of Date of Birth, places will be offered in this order and in accordance with their enrolment policy.  If you are going to be offered a place you will be informed in approximately September of the year before the child will commence. For more information on enrolling your child into our 4 year old kinder, visit Hobson’s Bay City Council

If you have any further questions please contact the Kindergarten Operations Manager on 9395 3012.